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Excellent Solutions came into being in the summer of 2004. In a short span of a few months, the company has established itself as a top-of-the-notch software solutions’ provider for clients mainly based in the US. The staff at ‘Excellent,’ as the name suggests, is based on hard-working individuals who have put in their full worth to build and maintain the company’s present prestige. They include systems analysts, business analysts, marketing specialists, and of course programmers, application developers, and designers. Bringing all these disciplines together to craft a state-of-the-art solution is what we excel at Excellent Solutions.

Not a day has gone by when Excellent has not worked tirelessly round the clock to ensure their clients’ safe and precise trading in major stock exchanges namely the NYSE, AMEX, several ECNs (ARCA, INET, etc.) and broker dealer firms (Merill Lynch, Interactive Brokers LLC, etc.).

Excellent Solution is based in Pakistan’s biggest city Karachi, otherwise known as the economic hub of the country. Business operations include development, maintenance and 24/7 customer services.

Excellent Solutions understands technology that drives software and the business process that goes behind it. Your focus on your IT business is our concern. We seek to understand your business requirements, analyze your revenue and competitor models and develop a strategy to ensure that your company maximizes its potential from its investment in technology.

Our vision is to build intelligent, efficient, reliable and cost effective trading platforms in order to achieve Straight-Through Processing (STP) in the financial sector.

At Excellent Solutions, we believe in equality. Perfection is our goal; we do not believe in limiting our efforts for the simple sake of complete satisfaction to all our ‘consumers.’
Available as desktop and web applications, our front end solutions have a lot to offer both to a trader and to an institutional client. Our quote servers provide Level II feed with high reliability from multiple ECN books.

Our connectivity solutions, built in compliance with FIX protocol, ensure simultaneous connectivity to all major ECN’s and exchanges in USA including Archipelago Networks (ARCA), Instinet (INCA), and Merrill Lynch and to a number of floor brokers in AMEX and NYSE. This means that users have unlimited options of simultaneously trading on multiple ECN’s and make the most of the price variations in different markets. We also provide back office solutions for trade clearance to our clients with tailor-made clearance solutions built in compliance with standards from NASD, National Financial Services and Merrill Lynch.

Excellent endeavors to provide custom-built solutions at low costs and easier upgrades to your platform. The solutions are manufactured according to the needs and requirements of the clients. At ‘Excellent,’ client-satisfaction is not our goal, it is our choice.